#ThePowerTo choose your power source

People have asked us what makes Failsafe by Flintu different than our original product, Plan V. Over the next few weeks, we'll reveal new and upgraded features that will hopefully get you as excited for our Kickstarter launch as we are!

Plan V started with a single goal: create a smart phone charger whose power source didn't rely on the grid for its power, an emergency charger that had you backed no matter where you were. We used a 9 volt battery for our power source. They're a standard size battery which can be found in convenience stores across the globe.

Failsafe by Flintu keeps that core functionality and expands on it. Now you can attach AA, C or D size alkaline batteries to charge your phone, when you're in an emergency, on the go, or off the grid. It continues to act like a jumper cable for your phone, but now you have even more flexibility when it come to power sources.

And this is just the beginning. Check back next week to see what else Failsafe by Flintu gives you #ThePowerTo do.