Getting To Know Luke

Meet Flintu co-founder, Luke. Designer. Innovator. Negroni drinker.

We sat down with him to find out a little more about what made him want to start Flintu and why he found a love for design. Plus we may have even got him to dish a little about his business partner Evan. 

So to start with, tell us a little more about your design background? 

I never really had anything to do with design up until i was in my early 20s. I was a science kid. I loved chemistry and biology, I never really studied any art at all, I found drawing frustrating as a kid. I left school and followed the science path, studied medical science and eventually decided to drop out and take up a career in design. I think I just loved the idea of being able to create something completely original on a daily basis. I still do!

What do you love most about creating your own product?

In hindsight i can say... There is a huge amount of satisfaction to be gained through seeing your product improve a complete strangers life.

Along the development phase it's easy to forget why you created a product in the first place. It all comes back when you see a happy user... It's immensely rewarding.

Can you tell us any sneak peak info about Failsafe?

Failsafe is a really well balanced solution, with LOTS of user benefits and use-cases. It's going to get you out of a lot more battery binds a lot more often. Plan V was great for a fairly specific situation... Failsafe is great for all situations, probably sounds a bit cheesy... but i really cant wait to get my own!

What was the biggest challenge in launching Plan V?

For me it was having the guts to stop listening to the naysayers in life and making a choice to take the plunge. We sat on that idea for over a year umming and ahhing wondering if things would work out. That's the best thing about kickstarter... you can test the market with very little capital upfront.

What was the funniest moment from your last Kickstarter campaign?

For me it was when a 12 year old kid wrote to me and said "you prob shouldn't call your product Plan V, it sounds really close to Plan B which is a morning after pill which is what girls take when they accidentally get pregnant without a condom" - Thanks for the feedback kid.

We hear that you like dirty martinis....what's your favourite cocktail?

Evan is like 'sex in the city' gal when he's out on the town, Martini after Martini. I like an Old Fashioned!

What's your major battery fail?

I was on a downhill biking trip with a good friend a few years back... He lost traction, came off and sliced his leg up pretty badly. You know the rest of the story no battery, no lifeline, we had to wait around for other bikers to pass by and call in emergency services. Not a good day!

What's your favourite city you've lived in?

Sydney is pretty hard to beat, good people, beautiful beaches, great food... we're just missing a good set of mountains. Oh hey there NZ you're looking good.

What's the funniest thing about your business partner Evan?

He's obsessed with having cold drinks... One new years eve he custom designed a backpack with a cooling element in it. Kinda like a portable fridge in a schoolbag. And new years in Sydney involves a lot of walking. By the end of the night he looked like he'd wet himself a few hundred times... but hey, cold drinks right?

Do you have a go-to karaoke song?

Yeah, Johnny cash ring of fire! Oh and gangsters paradise.

What's the one thing you would tell someone starting out on their first Kickstarter campaign?

Know who you're selling your product to and how you're improving their lives. That and be ready for the EMAILS, the onslaught is real.