Getting To Know Evan

Getting to know Evan (and his sloth?)

Getting to know Evan (and his sloth?)

You would have heard by now that there are some new and beaut product developments coming down the pipeline for Flintu. 

So to get the scoop, we sat down with co-founder Evan to ask him about any sneak peaks he can give us.  Plus we asked some cheeky questions along the way of course!

So tell us, what's your background?

I've always loved pulling things apart (to an extent putting them back together) so engineering was a natural choice for me. After graduating uni i received a job offer from a start-up wireless audio company and thought what could be better than this! Two things i loved: music and computers.

How did you get to creating Flintu? 

I've always liked making gadgets and to solve  problems, but it was Luke's idea to take it a step further and Kickstart it. It was a daunting first step and we really had no idea how it work out.

What's coming up for you in June?

We're really hoping to get the first tooling samples of the next product out. Fingers crossed

What are you most excited about with launching the new product?

The functionality. As an engineer i'm always interested in what a product can do or what problem it solves. The next product is going to change the way people think about charging their phone.

What's been the funniest thing that happened to you during the Plan V Kickstarter campaign? 

I got a taxi from the airport to the factory in China and somehow ended up at a completely different factory. After asking for my contact the front desk said he was in meeting and then proceeded to give me a tour of the factory. It wasn't until about an hour later when the manager from the other factory contacted me that i realised i was walking around the wrong factory!

Can you tell us about any of the new features yet? 

By adding support for larger C and D size batteries we'll be able to provide a much faster and fuller charge. Our goal is to be able to completely charge a flat iPhone 6.

What's with the sloth? 

He was hanging out near a village we were staying in along the Amazon river. Not many people know this but their fur is actually crawling with hundreds of tiny insects.

We've heard you've lived in a lot of cities, how many exactly? 

Yes, i love to move around. I've lived in Sydney, San Diego, Tokyo and now Hong Kong.

What's your major battery fail moment? 

I had just moved to Tokyo and had gone out for work drinks with my new colleagues. I didn't know what i was signing up for and they lasted a little longer than I  imagined they would. At the end of the night I jumped in a taxi to go home and couldn't remember my new address. It was so embarrassing! I had to find an internet cafe and lookup my address.

What's your go-to karaoke song? 

All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow. No, I'm not even going to try to defend myself.